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Mark Zalewski (USA)

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martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010 a las 12:22

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Mark Zalewski

The involvement of the corporate world, the ability to adapt to meet current employer demands and the diversity of business concepts are what differentiates Fundesem from other programs.At Fundesem we learn from highly successful professionals that not only extensively know the subject matter, but have also been able to apply their learned knowledge to create business accomplishment. This allows the students to understand how to relate business concepts in a practical, focused and constructive manner. Along with recognizing how the instructors have translated concepts into achievement, we are given insight into what abilities and skills the current marketplace is lacking and employers are searching for. This permits the material to shift in concentration from year to year based on current industry demand while still covering all important aspects. The capability of modifying or adding courses allows the program to be incredibly diverse. This innovative educational approach is what makes studying at Fundesem an excellent experience.

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